Adapting to your needs

The IT market is always evolving and many challenges we are facing today have a direct impact on how companies recruit.

At Inline Blue we choose to face those challenges by becoming a specialist in IT Development, engaging ourselves to be your partner when it comes to finding IT talent.

Whether you focus on finding talent to increase your internal teams, or searching external developers for a specific challenge, Inline Blue can connect you with the right people.

We specialise in delivering the solution in line with your IT policy, recruiting talent the way you desire.

Our line of expertise



We search for candidates in line with your needs to be hired on your payroll on a permanent basis



We provide skilled IT developers to reinforce your team on a temporary basis


About us

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success"

Henry Ford

Inline Blue is a consultancy & recruitment firm specialized in IT Development. It was founded by two partners having enjoyed many years of experience in both sectors and having paid a lot of attention to the do’s and don’ts. We aim to offer a qualitative service combining the best of both worlds proudly representing the values hereunder.


Experience and working with people taught us a very important principle in life but also professionally: “honest relationships are the ones that last the longest.” We want to maintain partnerships built on strong foundations of trust. To show our commitment on this topic, our pricing policy is always entirely transparent and provided even when working with external contractors.


People choose to work with us in order to find a solution to their development needs. Our specialization in IT development allows us to stay closely in touch with the development community in order to anticipate any needs and react quickly on requests from clients as well as candidates. One of our founding partners is himself a web developer in his spare hours, subsequently the IT - DNA is clearly impregnated in our company culture.

Long Term

Being a specialist in a niche IT market, we know it is a small family where it is important to care for each other. We take great pride in not headhunting candidates or harassing clients, but creating partnerships based on trust, good advice and quick action allowing all our values to come together.

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